Momentum Through Vision

Like a lot of people, I am gearing up for a return to work following a break in the usual routine over the festive period. It has been good to have a change of pace, to relax a bit more and not be defined by alarm clocks and deadlines.

However, as I anticipate reengaging with work, I also want to make sure I don’t just fall into the kind of habits I was looking for respite from towards the end of December – you know that busy, plate spinning, not-enough-hours-in -the-day kind of lifestyle that drains energy.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the holidays on the power and purpose of visions (books, articles, blogs), partly in preparation for our own 2020 Visions workshop but also because I want to practice what I preach, to create a vision for how I want to be and what I want to focus my attention on in the coming year. And, being not just at the start of a new year but at the beginning of new decade feels like an exciting and opportune time to consider this.

One of the themes I’ve picked up on through my reading is how people who have a vision, whether it be in their personal life or related to their role, seem to have a dynamism about them – a drive and enthusiasm which energizes both themselves and those around them. They take action! Those who don’t have a clear vision often seem stuck, lacking in meaning and purpose.

I’ve been in both places and I know what I prefer!

The times in my life when I felt I was just going through the motions, not sure if I was making any kind of difference, felt like limbo. Not necessarily a particularly difficult time (because when things get too difficult, most of us try to do something to change it), more like stuck in a comfort-zone rut.

I’ve seen a lot of this over the past year with my coaching clients and, as part of the coaching process has been to create that vision around the specific outcomes they want to achieve, I’ve also seen my clients move from the ‘stuck’ position to one of purposeful action!

Getting to that point early in the coaching partnership, the aha! moment where I see the visible shift in energy and focus, never gets old and I love seeing that emerging passion and determination that follows this insight.

The vision provides the momentum we need, the pull towards our purpose and the kick-start to take action which gets us out of the rut!

Michele and I have been working on renewing our vision for this new decade – developing clarity for what we want to see in our lives, our family and our work. It is challenging – we must make some tough decisions on what we stop, start and continue, but it’s also invigorating, bringing that sense of focus and excitement around emerging possibilities.

Our vision will be our North Star; the thing we focus on when making decisions about where we concentrate our attention and effort. It’s not just on what we do it is also on who we are, our values and passion.

It has been fantastic having a break over the past couple of weeks. But, having worked on our vision, I’m ready to find out what the next year has in store.

Come on 2020 – I’m ready for you!

If you want to find out more about our Vision workshop click here and get in touch to discuss payment options.


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