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Working in partnership with a range of individuals and organisations, we provide services in response to expressed needs.

Since 2003, Acorn Principle Plus Ltd has been collaborating with organisations, teams and individuals to create ways for them to learn, connect, grow and give back to their workplace / communities.

Our mission and intention is to create the conditions and opportunities for growth, from supporting those at various stages on the road to coaching mastery, to working with leaders, sharing what we’ve learned about mindfulness and so much more.

From developing coaching approaches in third sector organisations to co-creating qualified coaching pools in public sector organisations (such as the NHS, Scottish Government and Higher Education), our focus on continuing professional development is underpinned by ethical practice which is grounded a recognised competence framework and established value base.

You will find out more about this and all that we offer inside, as well as getting to know who we are and how we can work with you.

For us, relationship is key, so we’d love an opportunity to chat with you about anything that interests you or anything you want to find out more about.

We are often told that partnering with us is a game-changer, so let’s see what we can achieve together!

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Are you seeking to learn, connect,

grow and give back?

If so, we are passionate about collaborating with you. Whether you are a leader, manager or practitioner looking to grow in your role and enhance your organisation, or an individual seeking to develop on a personal level, we would love to speak with you. Through our extensive range of established and bespoke services and courses, we co-create the conditions that will support you in fulfilling your purpose. The success we celebrate belongs to the individuals and the organisations that we serve.

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Acorn Principle Plus

Works in collaboration with a wide
range of individuals and organisations

Acorn principle plus

Plus has worked in collaboration with a wide
range of individuals and organisations

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Simply submit your details and enquiry below or, if you’d rather have a conversation, contact us by email or telephone to arrange a chat:

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The Inspiring Partnership Approach

Our work with groups is based on the simple premise that when we focus on giving to others, on using the talents, experiences and commitment that a small group of people can share with each other, then amazing things will happen for each participant.

Collaborating in this way means that each person has a team behind them, rooting for them, encouraging them and inspiring them to achieve their goals.

These partnerships may share a common interest (such as leadership, coaching or coach supervision) or they may bring their own unique areas for growth Our experience of working in this way has shown us that the collective capacity fulfills Simon Sinek's call to action; 'don't give to get, give to inspire'.

Featured Services and Opportunities for Growth

At Acorn Principle we share featured courses, workshops and services that are available each season.

In addition, we love to be invited to meet with potential clients to explore your specific requirements with a view to designing bespoke courses to meet your continuous personal and professional development needs.

Inspiring Partnerships

6 months involvement in a dynamic partnership of inspired professional coaches who ‘come to give’ and contribute to your growth.

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Find Yourself in Open Spaces

Mindful coaching opportunities in natural surroundings for individuals, teams and couples

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Coaching Services

We offer a full range of coaching services from experienced and fully qualified coaches, designed to meet the specific needs of individuals and groups.

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Principle Led Coach Supervision Course

For coaches who want to progress along the road to coaching mastery and/or gain an accredited qualification.

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