Connection, Community and Compassion.

Monday was a great start to the week. In the morning, we had our mid-point review with trainees in our Getting to Grips with Group Coaching programme and it was fantastic to hear what they have been inspired by, what they shared to inspire each other and how they intend to develop their own group coaching courses and programmes. They have two more modules to navigate before we conclude towards the end of March, and Michele and I are so encouraged by what they bring to the sessions.

And in the evening, in our Acorns to Oaks Community, we were fortunate to host a workshop delivered by Paolo Cavaliere , called Live by Design Not by Default. Paolo presented a very personal and authentic sharing of his journey, with some stimulating ideas that the group took into breakout rooms, returning with some amazing reflections and wisdom.

Both of these events highlight the importance of connection through community, involving a range of people who have trained with us over the years (and a couple who begin their coach training journey tomorrow). We know how privileged we are to do the work we do and maintain connection with many of the people who have transformed themselves through our training courses.

And underpinning all of these community connections is a deep sense of compassion for each other – the feedback Paolo got from participants was so supportive and the way our trainees held space for each other on Monday morning reminded us of the power of the group process.

This has been a good week for us in fulfilling our sense of purpose – to support coaches at every stage of their development. And it’s a great reminder of the Margaret Mead quote above, which we frequently use in our training.

If you are a coach, looking of that sense of connection to other coaches, sign up below to join our Acorns to Oaks Community space.

And if you want to train as coach and become part of a network that places importance on supporting and valuing each other, come and have a chat with us about our Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice – our next course starts in September.


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