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Inspiring Partnerships

Come join an inspiring group of coaches who will support you on your journey to coaching mastery.

Group Sessions are held monthly on Zoom and supplemented with 1-2-1 peer coaching and Mentor support.




Immerse yourself in this transformative supervision process...

...while inspiring peers to stretch themselves and grow as coaches?

  • If you love coaching and are looking for a fresh challenge...
  • If you feel like your coaching practice needs an injection of fresh energy and focus...
  • If you are ready to commit time to your own development...

Inspiring Partnerships is a reflective, responsive group experience that combines two of our best loved programmes into one magical developmental journey.

"Let us support you along the Road to Coaching Mastery"

  Michele Armstrong & Raymy Boyle 

...and surround yourself with Inspiring Partners to share in the journey of growth and development. By responding to the needs of others you will gain the skills and confidence to offer Support & Supervision to other coaches.


The Inspiring Partner route to Principle Led Coach Supervision 

Let's do this together!

Coaching can be a lonely business and often times we are held back from working on ourselves or our business because we are too tied up with working in it.

So here is what the Inspiring Partnership Programme offers:

  • 6 months of deep support to reflect on your own personal and professional development.
  • Group support that allowsyou to practice with people and an opportunity to share your wisdom and knowledge.
  • An accredited coach supervision training course which underpins the journey and¬†offers an option to qualify for an Institute of Management & Leadership¬†certification of completion.

Don't miss this real chance to serve and to give back to your inspiring partners.

Unit #1

Application of purpose, principles and functions of Coach Support & Supervision.

Peer Practice: Shared agreements and Reflective Practice

Unit #2

Exploring the role of the coach supervisor and coach maturation.

Peer Practice: The supervisor role

Unit #3

Structures and Formats of the Supervision Session.

Peer Practice: experimenting with the CLEAR Model

Unit #4

Supervisory Frameworks and perspectives. (e.g. The 7 Eyed Model)

Peer Practice: Using different Perspectives

Unit #5

Non-conscious process & ethical dilemmas.

Peer Practice: working together to uncover key insights arising through the process.

Unit #6

Review of Learning

Optional: Assessment and Certification (approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management).

How the programme works: 

  • Online content delivered into your learning space at the start of each month.
  • Monthly group sessions to reflect, and explore insights in real time.
  • Coaches meet in Peer Trios to practice and experience coach supervision.¬†

Group sessions provide a safe space to come with your own development goals and desired outcomes. Together we will focus on each other's development journey and collectively, we will grow and prosper as a result of the support and challenge from our peers.

Prior to attending each group session, you will have access to videos, worksheets and journalling prompts to help you prepare. 

Group Sessions encourage shared learning and offer opportunities for collaboration.

Each inspiring partner comes to give and ends up having a lot to take away too!

This shared journey can transform your coaching practice and your way of connecting with others.


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Hear what our Inspiring Partners have to say:


 “We came together as 6 individuals with a commitment to give & to grow. We shared experience, contacts, ideas & insights. We learned from each other in an organic & spontaneous way, & the energy that generated was palpable. By the end of the 6 months we felt the closeness of a family with the accomplishment of a team. Inspiring Partnerships have a special kind of magic - join one if you can!"

Pam Peters, Professional Coach



"If you're looking for a group to support you on your current journey then you should consider Michele's Inspiring Partnerships. 

It's based on the networking givers gain philosophy so that every member of the group contributes to the success of the others. 

An important benefit I got was the feeling of being supported as I continue my (sometimes lonely) journey as a coach. Everyone had different strengths and therefore could help in different ways. Michele also did an amazing job at holding space and ensuring we got as much value out of them as possible. I always left them feeling better and positive."

Quentin Thomas, Change Coach
"As I think back on my Inspiring Partnership experience, I realize that creating intentional space focused on supporting each other has a tremendous value that’s hard to put into words. It includes deep connection, positive mindset, confidence, and warmth from helping someone else, and wisdom that comes from windows into others ’ thoughts. I gained so much from being part of this group!
Every call we had left me inspired and energized.   I wholeheartedly recommend joining an Inspiring Partnership and here are a few of the many reasons to be part of this amazing experience:
Knowing that you can help other people in ways you never thought of - and that you have a group of people available to help you - are powerful and rewarding experiences.
Anneke Radin - Snaith, Life Coach/Learner/Educator

Is this Inspiring Partner Programme Right for YOU?


Are you looking for a way to refresh your coaching practice? To step up to the mark and set yourself a bit of a challenge to get outside the comfort zone for a while?

If so, then this Inspiring Partnership Programme is definitely for you.

Together we will take a deep dive into your current coaching practice through a series of Coach Supervision tools and methodologies.

By breaking through the barriers that hold you back, you will learn how to apply the same tools in peer sessions with other coaches. You will learn how to challenge and support developing coaches and, in doing so, you will unlock the energy that will help you flourish.

Register  TODAY!

Build your confidence and unleash the Coach Supervisor within you.

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  • Staggered access to¬†5 online modules.
  • Access to¬†monthly group coaching calls.
  • Downloadable materials and reflection sheets.
  • Monthly Peer Practice Trios.
  • Live mentor support on request.
  • ¬†VAT included



6 x monthly payments

  • Staggered access to¬†5 online modules.
  • Access to¬†monthly group coaching calls.
  • Downloadable materials and reflection sheets.
  • Monthly Peer Practice Trios.
  • Live mentor support on request.
  • ¬†VAT included


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Inspiring Partnership Programme, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.