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Friday, 30th August 2024

    Training with Acorn Principle Plus

Raymy and Michele have been training coaches since 2003. This year the ACCP turns 21 and that means 21 years of tried and tested methodolgy, 1000's of trainees giving us feedback on whats working well and what could be improved and a growing community of coaches to support you on your way.

With 20 years experience in community development prior to becoming coaches in 2001, we are committed to creating the conditions that will support your growth and devlopment through this course.

Our humble beginnings started with the story of a tiny acorn that would, one day, become a great oak.  Such is the potential inside each of us. Our team exists to nurture that potential and fuel the energy within you so that you can create continue the ripple effect when you start coaching others. 

This course transforms lives - yours and those you connect with beyond this first step... your foundational training.

Whether you come as an individual ready to take this leap, or you work as part of an organisation who are committed to the development of a coaching culture, you will find a rich resource waiting for you inside these doors.

Let's do this together...

Who's This For?

This course is for YOU if you:

  • Are on a path of personal development or self-discovery.
  • Are in transition, changing career or ready for a fresh challenge.
  • Work within an organisation and want to make a whole-hearted contribution to its success.
  • Feel drawn to¬†help others, to give back and to contribute to a better world.
  • Wish to be part of a vibrant, supportive community who¬†feel compelled to show human kindness.
  • Seek to gain an¬†professionally recognised,¬† coaching qualification and¬†contribute to an inhouse coaching pool/ coaching culture¬†that offers flexibility and freedom.

This course is NOT for YOU if you:

  • Are not ready to commit to a deep process of personal development and self-discovery.
  • Are not fully committed to a 16-week immersive and experiential learning experience to obtain the professional qualification.
  • Do not feel drawn to a life of serving and giving back.
  • If you are 'too busy'¬†to set aside 5 - 7 hours per week for your own growth and development.
  • Only want to participate in an individual online learning process with no requirement to commit to building connections with¬†peers, mentors and course leaders.
  • Are interested but not fully committed to training as a coach.

Acorn Coaching Team

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What to expect on the ACCP


The Coaching Practitioner

You will learn the foundations and principles of coaching and a framework (ACORN) that guides you to grow and develop in a safe and supported environment. You become confident in guiding a coaching partnership from the beginning all the way through to a powerful ending. You learn how to build trust & intimacy and we teach you listening skills, questioning skills and how to hold space. You begin coaching real-life coaching with your peers!


Deepening Your Coaching Capability

You dive deeper into YOU as Coach. Connecting with your true identity and embracing your uniqueness. We explore advanced coaching skills, how to listen on a whole new level, how to ask  questions that transform thinking and how to embrace the silence, be present and just be you. Module 2 is transformational.


Building Your Coaching Capacity

You learn how to integrate all that you have learned and how to show up as a confident and authentic coach. You learn how to maintain momentum as you move forward into becoming a professional coach. You explore and consider your ongoing journey and how to integrate coaching into your working life... or begin a new path.  We support you in creating a powerful vision that will propel you forward once the course ends.

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The Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice is Accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC)

Our programme offers  a professional qualification built on the AC Competency Framework and the Global Code of Ethics for coaches, mentors and supervisors.

The Association for Coaching (AC) was established in 2002 and is a leading independent and not-for- profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide.

What Our Graduates Are Saying...

Read  what recent graduates have to say about The Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice.



"I thought I would enjoy being trained as a coach and had a good idea this is what I wanted to pursue as a career, but this course really made it clear how powerful and impactful coaching is.

Regardless of your coaching experience, or lack thereof,

...you will feel supported completely on this journey and come out the other end feeling ready and excited to coach anyone and make your positive mark on the world!"


Shaun B, professional coach


Fiona Philippi

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, which was developmental, supportive and positively challenging in equal measure. Michele, Raymy and Ian are excellent facilitators and have successfully steered me to think quite differently about my own approach to work. 

This course has given me the impetus, confidence and tools to support others and to start to build on embedding a wider coaching culture."


Dr Fiona Philippi 
Head of Researcher Development/ Assistant Director IAD

Thomas Jefferson

" From the moment I contacted Michele and Raymy to enquire about the course I felt welcomed and supported and it was the personal care, honest and open approach that struck me most. They felt like people I could trust to take a leap of faith into a new chapter of my professional development! Their personal and supportive approach is undoubtedly one of the most valuable things you can ask for from course leaders, but add to that the years of experience they have as coaches and course leaders and you have a truly great formula for learning the considerable skills that you will emerge with from doing this course."

Thomas Jefferson Coaching


Enrolment Closes

Friday 30th August 2024

Enrol Today to secure a space this autumn!

The Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice has been running for 21 years and has seen over 1000 satisfied coaches make their mark in the coaching world!

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We guarantee that every student who joins us and completes The Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice will qualify as a professional coach.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee too. If you are unsatisfied with the course within the first 30 days of the course starting we will refund you in full with no questions asked.

What Our Graduates Are Saying...

Karen Lawson,

Collaborative Learning Lead, Scottish Government.

‚ÄúThis was an interesting and challenging coach training course which takes you through the coaching process. It is invaluable for those coaching in individuals and organisations.‚ÄĚ



Shahrukh Gill

 Minsiter in Training

Amazing, interactive and confidence building.

Being new to coaching, I signed up for this course to boost my ministry work. I loved the clear lessons, helpful videos, interactive and fun group calls, where we chatted about coaching and practised coaching!

Michele, Raymy and the team created a friendly space where I could ask any question and learn from experienced coaches as well as  group contributions of their expertise and knowledge.

For me, the best part was practicing with everyone.  It was amazing to see myself improve week by week, and to help my classmates grow too! 

It was amazingly focused, expertly designed and excitingly interactive.  By the end, I felt prepared to guide people through the coaching journey. 

Ann Paterson

Our Story Legacy Lead for the Social Security Programme

Having completed this transformative coaching course, I highly recommend it to anyone considering coach training. With expert coach/trainers, a wealth of resources, interactive sessions and practical application opportunities, this course equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as a coach.

The course fostered a supportive learning environment where I felt encouraged to explore and grow. This training has not only elevated my coaching capabilities but also enhanced my professional journey…. Join the next course in September 2024 and unleash your coaching greatness!


Frequently Asked Questions

Join us this September for the Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice and Become a fully qualified Coach by Christmas 2024.

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