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The road to coaching mastery - a journey from acorn to oak - is best travelled together.

The team at Acorn Principle have walked the first stage of that path with over 1000 coaches during the past 20 years and now they are excited to be moving towards reaching future milestones with the coaches that are ready to hit the road.

Wherever you are on your development journey, we have something that will meet your needs in our programme of activities.

This is your opportunity to be part of something bigger, to connect with like-minded individuals and to see your coaching practice and confidence thrive.

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Date and Time : Monday 26th June 2023, 6.15-7.30pm UK Time

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Date and Time : Thursday 29th June, 12.15-1.30pm UK Time

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Who are the Acorns to Oaks webinars aimed at?

  • Are you new to coaching and not sure which direction of travel to take now that you are qualified?
  • Have you completed your initial training on a high and now you are like a child in a sweetie shop with too much choice?
  • Are you missing the connection and the close support that you experienced throughout your training?
  • Are resources low and does the sound of a free regular community gathering appeal to you?
  • Are you building your coaching practice and keen to expand your knowledge and understanding of a wider range of coaching topics?
  • Would you like to deepen your own coaching practice with support from more experienced coach supervisors?
  • Are you aiming for independent accreditation and would value support from our accreditation support programme?

If you answer YES to any of the above, then the Acorns to Oaks Webinar Gathering will help you to consolidate where you are on the journey and illuminate where to shine your light of attention next.

Come join us and let’s co-create this exciting new pathway together.

We will also provide further info through our Acorns to Oaks Newsletter and provide a free pass to the Acorns to Oaks community events coming up over the year from September 2023/24.

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