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As you browse our website, it is our intention to share something of ourselves with you and we hope that the pages offer a flavour of how we work in partnership with our clients to co-create meaningful experiences to meet their specific requirements. In this section, my aim is to provide a sense of the coaching services and approaches we offer – most of which are bespoke creations and depend on our partnership with you to get the best fit for your needs.

Coaching Services

We use a flexible coaching framework to underpin our work with clients. So, rather than a hard and fast set of guidelines, our coaching services enable each individual to gain whatever insights and applications will be most suited to their needs and at whatever starting point they find themselves. We have a service that will be right for you

Our range of offerings include:

One to One Coaching

Our team are all highly experienced and qualified coaches who have supported hundreds of individuals to realise their life outcomes and dreams. Our approach is underpinned by flexibility, driven by the belief that coaching is a 3 -way partnership; there is what we bring (knowledge, skill and experience of the coaching process); there is what you bring (the content, commitment and energy) and there is what happens when we combine these; change and growth. 

We don’t restrict ourselves as ‘specialists’ in one particular area (e.g., as ‘life’ coaches or ‘performance’ coaches) as our approach puts the client front and centre. So, whatever your needs are, whatever you want to achieve, whether this be a work-based or personal focus, this is what we work with, as the flexibility we offer allows you to determine focus, frequency, duration, and session length. 

Coaching for Wellbeing in organisations. There have been a growing number of calls to Acorn from our client organisations looking for 1-2-1 coaching support through difficult times. Isolation, declining confidence, lack of social contact and working with teams you have never met personally have all been cited as the underlying factors for individuals who can benefit from coaching support.

Group Coaching

Becoming part of a group, such as one of our Inspiring Partnership groups offers the opportunity to grow with and to be of service to others. Just as with 1-1 coaching, you bring your own content – the areas of your life you want to develop and change. However, in the group, not only will you get the benefit of an experienced, trained group coach, you will also experience support from the other participants and the reward of contributing to someone else’s progress – what we call Giver’s Mindset. Group Coaching may also offer a more affordable way to access coaching as group programmes tend to spread the coast of coaching amongst the group members. 

Team Coaching

Team Coaching differs from group coaching as the participants will all be working towards a shared outcome or focus. Traditionally delivered within an organisational context, Team Coaching supports improvement in performance, relationships, role clarity, confidence and a shared sense of purpose. The Team Coaching approach is underpinned by the belief that the team is greater than the sum of its parts; it focuses on amplifying the collective potential for the benefit of the organisation, creating change, and establishing a culture of collaboration.

MiRo Discovery Coaching

As a MiRo Accredited provider, we offer ‘discovery sessions’ to bring fresh insight during a series of coaching sessions or as a one-off session for individuals and teams.

The MiRo Assessment is based on a simple online questionnaire, which takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. The results will be fairly consistent over time but MiRo can also shed light on what might be happening for you right now.

There are no right or wrong answers of course and the result that you will gain will be directly connected to the answers that you give so if you are taking as assessment the trick is to try to be as honest as possible. That way the result that you get will most accurately reflect who you are and how you really behave.

A full feedback report is provided, and the coach will work with you (over 1 or 2 sessions) to explore the feedback and determine the implications for you and your interactions moving forward.

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