Run Your World will equip you to set a running goal (5k, 10k, ½ Marathon or Full Marathon) and successfully achieve it within a three month period.

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Running Plans

So you have a goal and a compelling vision – it’s now about taking action to achieve it!!

I will provide weekly running schedules to keep you on track, build endurance and stamina whilst remaining injury free.

From couch to 5k up to running a marathon – there will be a running schedule to suit you.


You are what you eat right???

To achieve this amazing goal you have set, you will need to have the proper fuel to give yourself the best chance of achieving it. Think yourself similar to a high performance sports car – with the wrong fuel and not being oiled properly – you aren’t going to win the race.

This section offers expert nutritional advice and enables you to feel strong during your runs and know how to refuel afterwards. If weight loss is an additional reason for signing up to Run Your World, then you will get advice on this too.

You will also find easy-to-make, suitable for the whole family recipes  – that won’t involve you having to re-mortgage your house.

Mental Attitude

It’s easy when it’s easy!!

So what happens when the excitement of starting Run Your World begins to fade?

This section provides tools, tips and techniques to overcome self-sabotage, build resilience and allow you to embed new habits and behaviours.

Having opportunities through the programme to reflect on your training, to learn about yourself and your habits, you will become the best possible version of you.

Alternative workouts will be available for when real life gets in the way of you getting out for your run (to avoid the guilt).

Mindfulness practices will allow you to get the very most out of every run.

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Join us now; be part of something bigger!

Have you ever told yourself, “I would love to run but………….”. The “but” might be: lack of time, low energy levels, know-how, would prefer company or (fill in the gap!!) If so, then this is the programme for you! Run Your World will equip you to successfully achieve your running goal (5k, 10k, ½ Marathon or Full Marathon) in three months.

Meet your Coach: Marie Claire Donnelly

Marie Claire Donnelly - bio

Marie Claire is an inspirational Wellness Coach who, for the last eight years, has worked with individuals to become better versions of themselves through having a better relationship with fitness, nutrition and self-belief – key ingredients for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. As a Fitness Professional and Jog Scotland leader she understands what motivates people and how to create an environment for lasting lifestyle change.

...and Raymy Boyle (the Slow Coach)

Raymy Boyle - bio

Raymy Boyle has over twenty-five years’ experience in working with vulnerable children and families in both the public and voluntary sectors. He is a qualified Personal & Professional Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and keen to get his fitness levels up by running 1000 miles in 2017. He will be joining Marie Claire to train under her guidance, to run his city as part of Run Your World and will be available for additional coaching support throughout the three month programme.

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