Life Is... 28 Steps to Personal Growth

A step by step approach to re-shaping your life with support from a nurturing, like-minded community and your own personal coach.

I would love for you to join me on this Life is, journey of a lifetime, and experience for yourself what magical things can happen in such a short space of time. Join me in the Life is online community and we will walk through the 28 steps to personal growth together. Transform your life in only 8 weeks.

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Life is... 28 Steps to Personal Growth

Within the modules, you will receive articles, downloadable materials and videos to help you progress through the course step by step. You can also leave comments and questions for me in the comments box under every section of the modules and I promise to respond to every one.

In the membership Facebook group each week, I will be showing up LIVE to support you in reviewing what has been happening over the previous week and to share some additional thoughts and insights.  There will also be opportunities for Live Q&A sessions so you get a chance to ask me your questions direct. 

Bonuses: An additional self-discovery module plus access to Life Is Membership for the full 8 weeks

8 weeks full support and accountability

As we go through the programme together, I will help you maintain a good pace and keep up momentum as you take the journey to improve your life.  If you're a fast learner and want to jump ahead or respond to significant issues that need dealt with right away - then you can do that too.  This programme is designed to be flexible and super-responsive to your needs.  Just give me a shout if there's anything you want to discuss. 

4 Dynamic Modules

Life time access to four modules, each containing videos, guidance and development tools to take your life to the next level.

Peer Support

During the programme you will experience the power of peer support as part of this thriving community. 

Coach Support

As your coach, I will be sharing tools, tips and techniques to help sustain your transformation through ongoing self coaching.

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Learn how to tame your inner critic, declutter your thinking space and connect to your authentic self. Transform the way you live your life with support from your Coach and the Life Is members community. We've got your back!


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