Meet Michele and Raymy

We create the optimum conditions where people can learn – connect – grow and give back.   Those we serve can live their best lives with love and compassion and fulfill their desires to help others onto their own pathways.  We see lives being transformed from the inside out through our transformational coaching programmes.

Meet The Acorn Team

The Acorn Team is not complete without our business manager and executive coach: Derek Begg.

Raymy Boyle

"As a community worker, coach and mindfulness teacher, my passion is in working with people to bring balance to their hectic lives. I am committed to supporting those experiencing loss and bereavement as they navigate their way through the grief process." 


Michele Armstrong

"I have worked with people all my working life; young people, parent groups, community activists and students in the local college.  I love seeing what learning can do for people; it's like giving them a key to unlock their future possibilities." 


Derek Begg

"I'm Derek and I have a passion.  A passion for enabling people to be the best they can be. I feel privileged to be in a position where I can use my skills to help others feel renewed, find their inspiration and achieve the success they desire with a new energy for life and work."


From the darkest time in our lives emerged a new way of doing the work we love doing...

When our own life was shaken up by a devastating loss in our family, it was our desire to fulfil our life purpose and our obsession with supporting others that got us moving again; got us thinking of how we could reach out and take our message further.

A Team Approach

Our underpinning philosophy at Acorn is Learn - Connect-Grow, which applies to our team as well as how we support our clients. Each of us bring diverse areas of strength and talent, providing a complimetary range of skills and expereince - which we continue to nurture and develop. As a team, we believe in ongoing improvement and, as well as coaching, our expertise covers business leadership, mindfulness, and neuroscience, all of which we bring to the support we offer. 

Born to coach

Having worked as a community educator for 20 years, Michele had an awakening on her first day of coach training.  An aha moment that told her, "I was born to coach; I have found my life purpose".  From this tiny acorn of an idea, the business idea was planted, nurtured, expanded... and pruned... until Acorn Principle Plus became what it is today.

It doesn't stop there.  We continue to grow by working in partnership with others to design and deliver bespoke training, both live and online and by delivering authentic, transformational coaching to individuals and within organisations.

Transforming Lives

Michele says, "As a coach, since 2001, I have been privileged to walk along side many people, from all walks of life.  I have witnessed some amazing insights, turning points and life transformations in the people I work with.  People who have walked away from a great job to start a new life writing in beautiful places...  who was terrified at the prospect of retiring because they thought they would just die... who left secure employment to set up their own business doing what they love and one who travelled to the other side of the world to find love and start a family."

Our 100 Day Challenge

We celebrated our cabin build in 2016 - a dream we'd put on our vision board when we set ourselves a 100 day challenge. All our neighbours arrived to help and we recorded a time lapse video to capture the build.


Seeing people become the
person they were born to be

Supporting people to make decisions and follow through, to step outside their comfort zone even though they are terrified to do so and believing the best is in there - even when they don't believe it themselves. This is the stuff dreams are made of and why I do the job I do now.

I love coaching because I love seeing people become the people they were born to be.  This might be working towards personal or professional desires, career goals or within special interest groups (such as  parenting or self development).

And this is why I now run group coaching programmes, a membership group and 1:1 coaching through the new online academy.  In addition, I  love to train others to become Transformational Coaches so that they too can experience the whole-hearted living that comes from helping others to connect with their true purpose.


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